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Golden Gate Bridge Getting Suicide-Proof Steel Net

Right – Unless they think that the bridge itself is causing people to commit suicide – this is $76,000,000 that could be spent on better improvement care given to suicidal … Continue reading

29/06/2014 · 4 Comments

Travel Journal – Welcome!!! To Jurassic Park! – 11/12/2013

    Dun derrr, duh derrrr! Duhduh deerrrrr de deeerrrr duh deeerrr. Derrderr duh derrr, dudu derder doooo, derder deerrr derrrrrrr! /endthememusic.   So most mornings I wake up soon … Continue reading

29/06/2014 · 1 Comment

The Saturday Song : Susanne Sundfør – White Foxes

  Released February 24, 2012 as a single.   I first heard Sundfør when listening to the soundtrack to the 2013 movie Oblivion.  I absolutely love her haunting vocals.  To … Continue reading

28/06/2014 · 11 Comments

Dealing with failure and the importance of not manufacturing Kryptonite.

Before I left the U.K I had attempted to rebuild and modify an XS650 motorcycle.  I had no idea how to go about it, or the tools to do the … Continue reading

28/06/2014 · 19 Comments

Travel Journal – Wangetti Beach – 22/12/2013

Having made a new friend on (mad)Friday and having had one too many drinks the night before, it was decided that we would benefit from a dip in the sea … Continue reading

28/06/2014 · 2 Comments

Travel Journal – Life on the farm – 19/12/2013

  As payment for giving me the motorbike I made my friend Mark a voucher, giving him 5 days labour.  I did this knowing he would never take any money … Continue reading

27/06/2014 · 9 Comments

Not to be Trusted!

Originally posted on Transcending Bipolar:
One of the things I’ve become aware of is how, even before I was diagnosed bipolar, I knew not to trust myself. Post-diagnosis, I now…

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Travel Journal – Good golly, miss Molly! – 11/12/2013

Today my friend came home and as he sheepishly entered the kitchen he began whispering   “Close that door… Close that door…”   Wondering what was going on I rose … Continue reading

26/06/2014 · 11 Comments

Forgetting your Seroquel leads to weird dreams apparently.

  So I’ve got a cold and my head is wooly at best.  Last night I forgot to take my meds and the resulting dreams aren’t something I want a … Continue reading

26/06/2014 · 41 Comments

10000 Views, 1500 Followers and just now 1337 likes. Thanks a heap everyone!

  Wow.  I’m honestly blown away by the continued interest and to you new followers.  It was just under two weeks ago when I breached 1000 Followers and I’m really, … Continue reading

25/06/2014 · 23 Comments
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