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The Tuesday Tune : Ásgeir – Higher

My partner and I were lucky enough to catch this gentleman’s set at The Falls Festival – he smashed it. All the best, H&J

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The Tuesday Tune : Ian Brown – F.E.A.R

O.K – so I’m a day late.  Blame Australia’s Internet infrastructure.  Hope you enjoy the tune and hope you don’t have the fear! All the best, H&J

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The Tuesday Tune : Airling – The Runner

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The Saturday Song : Susanne Sundfør – White Foxes

  Released February 24, 2012 as a single.   I first heard Sundfør when listening to the soundtrack to the 2013 movie Oblivion.  I absolutely love her haunting vocals.  To … Continue reading

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10000 Views, 1500 Followers and just now 1337 likes. Thanks a heap everyone!

  Wow.  I’m honestly blown away by the continued interest and to you new followers.  It was just under two weeks ago when I breached 1000 Followers and I’m really, … Continue reading

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The Wednesday Word – “Cognitive Dissonance”

I understand that it isn’t exactly great form to start a feature by cheating and having two words – but this is a good starting point with plenty of mileage … Continue reading

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Blog Hop – The Writing Process

Last week I was asked by Maria.A.Abanga from over at if I minded if she passed the torch forward on a blog hop about the writing process.  I’ve decided … Continue reading

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The Tuesday Tune – Meg Mac, Cover of “Bridges” by Broods

Skip to 1:30      

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#Bipolar #Parenting     The above quote is from a post of theirs entitled “Going off my meds – Recipe For Disaster”   I was contacted by Heather over at … Continue reading

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1000 Likes – Thanks everyone!

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