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Golden Gate Bridge Getting Suicide-Proof Steel Net

Right – Unless they think that the bridge itself is causing people to commit suicide – this is $76,000,000 that could be spent on better improvement care given to suicidal people and on suicide awareness.

Thank all that’s holy that the bridge is the only structure tall enough to kill yourself by jumping off of and that no other avenues of suicide exist.

Great job, everyone. Great fucking job.

1025 KSFM

More than 1,400 people have jumped to their deaths off of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge (46 last year alone), so a lot of people felt that something needed to be done to try to make it stop! Officials for the bridge have approved $76 million in funding for a “suicide barrier” to be installed on the bridge!

The Associated Press is reporting that a lot of people who have lost loved ones on the bridge to suicide were very emotional when they heard the news that funding for this project was approved.

The steel net will reportedly neither obstruct or affect the appearance of the Golden gate Bridge. They say it will stretch about 20 feet wide on each side of the span. The goal of the net is to be a “suicide barrier” that could prevent people from jumping to their deaths from the bridge. Construction is expected to be finished in…

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4 comments on “Golden Gate Bridge Getting Suicide-Proof Steel Net

  1. woundstofeel

    I watched a documentary on Netflix about some of the suicides on the bridge. It was really haunting. They even had footage of some of the jumps. The film focused on each individual’s story and what led up to them jumping. If someone is determined to end their life, a net on a bridge is not going to stop them. I hear you. Continued awareness, including a halt to bandaid tactics is much needed.


    • drheckleandmrjibe


      Millions and millions. How many decades could they pay 100 peer support experts to answer phones on a suicide hotline with that money?!


      Why do the people making these decisions have NO experience of anything and get allowed to make decisions on pure fucking bureaucratic theorycraft.


      • woundstofeel

        I hear you. It’s a complete waste, and totally misses the mark.


  2. Monies, that should be spent other ways. Its crazy to spend that kind of money on a steel net. I laugh…at this because its ridiculous.
    That is all I can think. – Crystal


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