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Travel Journal – Wangetti Beach – 22/12/2013

Having made a new friend on (mad)Friday and having had one too many drinks the night before, it was decided that we would benefit from a dip in the sea and a chill on Wangetti beach.




I awoke on Saturday morning, my immediate thought being “Where the fuck am I?!”.  So often when you stay somewhere the first time and end up drinking your waking moments are coloured by an aching delirium that only fades after your panic reaches fever pitch.  My head had a bump on either side, and I remembered that we had been swimming in the apartment complex pool towards the end of the evening.  Obviously I’ve been a true ‘Brit abroad’ and smashed my head off of the bottom of the pool repeatedly.  Aint my momma gonna be proud…


For anyone who wants to know my secret to making a good impression on new friends – here goes.


How to win friends and influence people – H&J


Firstly – Leave your backpack in the bedroom and go to work on a farm for three days.

Secondly – When the bag smells like death and you have to rush out, ask your housemate (who knows about cats): “Is this just a cat smell, from the kitten sleeping on the bag, or has it pissed on the bag?

Lastly – When your mischievous housemate lies to you and says “That’s just a cat smell.” go to meet the new friend absolutely unaware that you smell like three week old kitty litter and that the stench will grow the longer the bag is warm.


Still, I’ve had a great weekend.  Highlight of it – companionable silence on Wangetti beach followed by hacking a coconut out of a tree on the beach and, after much heaving and struggling, getting into it and sharing the coconut milk.  My first attempt at procuring the coconut had me fall flat on my back from about nine feet up the tree.  As Borat would say “GREAT SUCCESS!!!”.


I agreed absolutely with my companion when she said that sitting listening to the sea and enjoying the quiet on the beach had a meditative effect.  When your mind is usually a spring-loaded zipgun of a thing you appreciate the rare moments of pure peace.  It was cleansing.


I think Australia is really sinking its teeth into me, I love it here.  Feeling pretty “Buffalo by Gas Coombes”


[NOTE 21/06/2014]  – At the time of writing this post I didn’t know but my companion had allowed me to go swimming in the see in Stinger season.  This is when swarms of a deadly jellyfish known as the Irukandji come to the north eastern coast of QLD.  Could have died – so I had actually been the PERFECT Brit Abroad… Oh dear.


2 comments on “Travel Journal – Wangetti Beach – 22/12/2013

  1. Kitt O'Malley

    Without doubt, moments of pure peace are precious when living with a hypomanic overactive (would you just shut the fuck up and let me rest) mind. Spring-loaded zipgun is an apt description. I avoid medicating myself now and rely instead on the highest quality prescribed pharmaceuticals, but back in the day, from the age of seventeen to thirty, I greatly appreciated the slowness and stupidity an occasional smoke of MJ offered. Nothing was as much a relief as being slow and stupid.


    • drheckleandmrjibe

      I agree, though my weapon of choice has always been hard spirits. This is why I’ve sworn off of alcohol completely, cold turkey. I enjoy being drunk, the drinks themselves and the peace it brings far too much to be drinking at all.

      Cheers for commenting Kitt, as always.

      All the best,


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