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Welcome to LessObsessed

A new blog about managing OCD. Have a look, lend some support.


Welcome to LessObsessed, a blog that will be dedicated to helpful posts regarding living with and managing obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD. In the coming weeks I will be adding various posts offering insight into OCD as well as offering stories of successful people throughout history who have been diagnosed with, or believed to have, OCD.

Why did I start this blog? The answer is simple: I want to help. I have suffered from OCD for several years, and it has ignited in me a passion to help both myself and others to better understand this debilitating disorder, and to ease the suffering it can cause. As someone with a knack for writing and an extensive knowledge of OCD-related topics, I decided this is my best chance at giving back. Well, at least until I become a psychologist myself.

That’s correct, I am not a doctor and nothing on here should…

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