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Backpacking and Bipolar II. Taking Manic Depression on tour.

Healing from bipolar disorder

The Hummingbirds are Calling...

Depression started to be an issue for me in middle school. My depression was the result of my unresolved grief. My father died before I was born. I was in the room, in the womb when he died. I grew up in an environment of grief. And there was no one to talk to about my father’s death.

I remember my mother watching the Kennedy funeral on TV. She watched Jackie with her two young children, and no husband. It helped my mother heal to see and feel a nation mourning.

Not long after the Kennedy funeral, my mother came back to life, learned to drive, got a job.

But I was left to wonder about death, where do we go when we die? Why did my father die? What was he like? How could I do well in school, to study math and English, when I was working on…

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