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Travel Journal – First Tropical Thunderstorm – 18/11/2013

Today I experienced my first tropical rainstorm. Whilst sat working on removing an erroneous rivet from an RD350 stator (the fifth out of a batch of fifteen I had to do), I entered a state of extreme calm.  There should be a word for the pleasant monotony of doing the same job for a few times.  If there is and I just don’t know it – answers on a postcard in the comments.


Anyway, whilst in this meditative state I failed to notice the thirty seconds it takes a boiling tropical storm cloud to sneak directly above you and prepare its payload.


Like Blackbeard’s crew the clouds above me must have hung, silently floating and encircling, awaiting the order to touch flame to fuse.  Steady now… Hold..….     Hold.………..




I was still getting my Zen on, Dremel in hand, when the first volley of thunder splintered my eardrums.  Against all the eloquence in the universe, and all lofty turn of phrase – I resort now to the most succinct and accurate description of what happened next:


I shit my pants.


So shocked was I by the thunder and almost immediate cacophony of what sounded like a swimming pool being dumped onto the corrugated roof that I very nearly stabbed myself in the eye with the Dremel.  If I’d been any closer to my work or concentrating any harder – I might have been testing out a new stylus permanently attached to my head to address you now, dear reader.


The rain came in sheets and was moving horizontally, smashing against the house and shed.  I had to quickly ice-skate on my thongs through the house, closing windows as water gushed in like a scene from Poseidon.  Thirty minutes later and the sun was out, everywhere drying up.


7 comments on “Travel Journal – First Tropical Thunderstorm – 18/11/2013

  1. fictionalpenguin

    I can’t find such a word, which is frustrating. Maybe take this as an opportunity to coin one of your own?

    Liked by 1 person

    • drheckleandmrjibe

      My contributions to the English language would be dubious at best I fear 🙂 I’ll leave it to the experts.

      Thanks for taking the time to come comment here.

      All the best,


      • fictionalpenguin

        I think that would only add to the character of the word, though. Besides, aren’t we all experts of the English language, at least in our own minds?

        Of course! Thanks for writing such enjoyable blog posts.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Kitt O'Malley

    Now that is LOUD!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LaVagabonde

    The word you’re looking for is probably just “Zen”. I’m not sure there’s an English word for it. The first tropical downpour is a shock, for sure. Hopefully you’ll never have to experience a cyclone, typhoon or even a tropical storm.


    • drheckleandmrjibe

      Zen, that’ll do 🙂 Thanks

      We had Ita blow through here but she was pretty much run out. It’s rained ever since though which is an absolute bastard. Here’s hoping we actually get a dry season at some point!

      All the best,


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