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A new Bipolar blogger coming into the fold. Drop by and lend some support. Another late Diagnosis – you folks that came to diagnoses later in life, please drop by and connect.

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bipolar masks

Why am I starting this blog?  I guess for something to do, something to look forward  to, something to fill the void.  Nine months ago, I had to stop teaching.  I loved teaching.  I did it for 15 years.  15 years of being afraid that my mood swings would interfere.  Which they did.  Fortunately, I also have migraines to blame some of the erratic behavior on. Two years ago I even went through a nasty period of suicidal/depression which led to a round of ECT.  I was even able to keep that under wraps.

Finally, 9 months ago, I couldn’t do it anymore.  I walked out to save myself.  (They deserved it.  My principal had found out I had a mental illness and had started to treat me badly).  I was on 1500mg of Lithium, 200 mg of Lamictal and monthly trials of various anxiety meds that didn’t work,  I ended…

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5 comments on “MY BIG SECRET

  1. stockdalewolfe

    I am really sorry you had to give up a job you loved and were probably great at. That sucks. But I understand the big secret and not being able to cope any more.

    I worked in three jobs for over 30 years as a cataloguer in libraries and the entire time I lived in fear of being “found out” and being fired. I was a model employee until I broke down and became psychotic with delusions and nearly got fired. But ironically that job was the most supportive.

    At age 50 I just couldn’t hack it any more. The doc had wanted me to go on disability years before and I said no but now I knew it was time.

    It is possible that you will be put in the right cocktail of meds that allow you to return to work should you so choose.

    It is beyond me how much stigma there still is in the workplace in this day and age!



  2. drheckleandmrjibe

    Hey SDW,

    This was a re-blog, not one of my posts so you might be better off following the link and posting that comment on the original blogger’s site. In future I’ll learn how to disable comments on the reblogs to make things less confusing. I’m not sure the OP will even come to see these comments and I’m sure the OP would benefit from hearing from you.

    All the best,


  3. glenn2point0

    I have just nominated you for a Liebster Award at If you like to keep your blog “award free” or if you have already responded to another nomination then then I apologise for the intrusion. cheers, Glenn


    • drheckleandmrjibe

      Hey Glenn,

      I’m working on finishing loads of work with my current partner that we’ve started so that I can leave him in a good position when I move on in a few weeks. This means a lack of time to contribute on here so I’m thinking of giving the award/chain posts a miss from now on, purely because I can’t reply to everyone’s comments and emails, post AND then commit to the awards.

      Thanks very, very much for the nomination though, I hugely appreciate it.

      All the best,


      • glenn2point0

        Hey H&J

        no worries. You had just done it anway.



        I’m going award free from now


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