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#Depression #Isolation #despair

depressionisolation During my last extreme episode I cut myself off from my family, my friends.  In fact only one friend knew where or how I was.  I began to believe that I was doing everyone a favor by not being in touch.  Eventually I even knew that they would understand if I just went AWOL.  My broken thinking was given all the rope it needed to try and tie me up with just because I locked myself away from the world.  You MUST NOT isolate yourself when you are overwhelmed.


Don’t allow depression to isolate you.  Don’t give it the space it needs to grow.  Reach out and talk to someone.


It feels counter intuitive – I know.

It is the LAST thing you WANT to do – I know.


These are both evidence that it is EXACTLY the thing you need to do.


If it isn’t us, I don’t care.   I have no ulterior motive for wanting to help.  I’ve simply been there and back again – you can and must avoid sinking!


All the best,



2 comments on “#Depression #Isolation #despair

  1. Kitt O'Malley

    Thank you. Amazing how the depressive thought process is so distorted, and at the same time so familiar to others who have experienced it. When severely depressed we irrationally believe that the world is better off without us. IT IS NOT. We are loved, we are valued, we are valuable. We must fight the depressive thought process, rewriting those thoughts and replacing them with more rational and loving ones. We MUST love ourselves, take care of ourselves, and overcome our desire to isolate.


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