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#Oppositionaldefiantdisorder #ODD Medicalising troublesome dissenters?

Oh, you're one of those mad people are you?

Oh, you’re one of those mad people are you?


A friend sent me a link to a LiveLeak article about “Oppositional Defiant Disorder” earlier this week and I have to be honest – I am horrified.  I usually wouldn’t commit the minuscule amount of time it takes to share 1984-esque, conspiracy theory literature.  There are plenty of who I would usually call the ‘tin foil hat brigade’ filling the internet with it.  I have to say though – we are seeing a really obvious threat to our freedom take shape in the BLATANT creep going on among first world governments.


In their quest to medicalise absolutely everything we see the DSM give a government the ultimate legal ‘Gag&Bag’ tool.  If someone is virulently opposed to the reigning political party, they could easily be shown to have this ‘disease’.  The legal ‘creep’ inherent to western, first world governments’ policies is alarming at the best of times, but with this I am genuinely worried that not only could healthy political activists be committed, so could most of us with a mental illness involving mood disturbance.  So could any original thinker.  So could ‘agent provocateur’ artists and speakers.  So could comedians. So could anyone opposed to crippling bureaucracy or the absence of common-sense in modern, urban life.


As the article says :


Characterizing non-conformity as ‘mental illness’ is a hallmark of totalitarian government.


I sincerely hope that anyone with the power to resist this does so before they’re locked up and drugged up to the gills for trying.


All the best,


s ‘mental illness’ a hallmark of totalitarian government

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