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DAY 364 – An Important Rant

Sometimes the pill doesn’t benefit from sugar coating. This needs to be said now and then.

All the best,

The Grand Optimist

Something that has been really frustrating me lately is the amount of people who take it into their own hands to “come off” antidepressants or similar medication.  I am not trying to get at anyone or tell you off but this needs to be said. If you come off this type of medication ‘cold turkey’ it is not only irresponsible, it is very dangerous. You are not a medical professional, you do not have the knowledge to make an informed decision to come off it because if you did, you would know that you have to ween off over a period of weeks or months. Just because you have been on the meds for a little while and you are feeling better doesn’t mean that you are ready to come off, it means that the medication is doing its job at balancing the chemicals in your brain. Therefore, if you come…

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