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#support #mentalillness – The Skype Support Initiative

#skypesupportinitiative #skype #support #mentalillness

I have decided to start a world-wide, peer-to-peer mental illness support network.  The support available where I currently live is woefully lacking.  What little support I have heard of through friends e.t.c is generally administered by people who have no personal, direct experience of the mental illness they’re supporting you against.  Whilst I do not have any professional medical experience, I am a sufferer just like you – and speaking with me you can be one hundred percent certain that I have no ulterior motive and that there is a great chance that I will immediate understand what you’re talking about.


The aim is simple.  To deliver a support service populated completely by volunteers who have personal experience of the mental illness they wish to support you against.  When your skype account is online – you’re available.  If you are listed as Busy/offline – you’re not.  You can be as anonymous or publicly involved as you like.  Chat with text, voice call or video call – it is completely up to the parties involved.


Please visit the blog I’ve set up to organise this project and spread the word as hard as you can.  I appreciate that not everyone feels that they can offer support to others like this – spreading the word about the project in the hope that more people seek help or offer it is support enough.


Thank you






5 comments on “#support #mentalillness – The Skype Support Initiative

  1. I love that you did this…I dont have or know how to skype, but im with you all the way! Im a nurse and have been working with mental illness my whole career so far. My heart is warm because a good support system is always needed 🙂 Thank you.


    • drheckleandmrjibe

      Thank you very much! If you know anyone who has personal experience of anything in the list, and who would like to get involved – please send them my way!

      I love your business idea and the whole shtick of your blog as well, by the way. Fantastic! I like the cut of your jib.

      All the best,


      • Well thank you! I’ve always been a little, ‘interesting’! And I most definitely will send some your way 🙂


  2. notsocrazytalk

    Reblogged this on Not So Crazy Talk and commented:
    This is happening. This is awesome. This is real.

    Totally worth it, sign me up !!


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