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My healer – Molly #Cat #Pet

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Furry friends help heal.

Furry friends help heal.


I’m sure everyone has seen an article at one time or another where it is suggested that having a dog can help a person’s fight against heart disease, or that a family pet reduces anxiety.


Here is a link to one such article:


I would just like to illucidate on my personal experience with animals and their effect on my mental state.  When depressed or agitated, the little cat in the photo (Molly) will come and nudge me, play with me and make demands for a stroke and a cuddle.  She loves people, and is incredibly empathetic for a cat. She exhibits none of the usual aloof, feline behaviour.


When I was really bad the last time, Molly came and sat in my lap and purred away gently as I stroked her and scratched behind her ears.  I realised that I identify, respect and appreciate the company of this small, sentient furball than I do most humans.  There is no barrier of ego, language, insecurity or anything else.  She wants a stroke, I want to stroke her – we enjoy each other’s company purely for it’s own sake.


This is something incredibly hard to achieve with a person.  Normally there are social pressures or social constructions that act as a barrier to being completely present in the moment and just glad to know each other.


Does this person find me irritating/attractive?  Is this conversation going well?  Am I being rude by not talking?  Will they think I’m boring?  Is the person just saying they’re O.K to placate me?


This isn’t so with a pet.  You look at each other and you’re simply glad that the other is there.  Pure empathy.


Do you have a pet?  Does your pet really help with depression or mania?  I’d like to hear from you.


All the best,


6 comments on “My healer – Molly #Cat #Pet

  1. stockdalewolfe

    Yes, I find this incredibly true. Had two dogs but found this to be true if animals in general, if course even more so when it is your companion animal. Glad you have Molly and Molly has you.

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  2. somberscribbler

    Aren’t cats great? It doesn’t matter how successful you are, or what you look like. It’s unconditional love. My cat’s name is Ewok. I don’t know what I would do without her. She knows when I’m not well. She’ll follow me around and sit beside me all day to make sure I’m not alone. Love her.

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  3. lala1966

    I totally agree 😉

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  4. robin1967

    My cat Epiphany enriched my life for 19 years. There were multiple occassions when it was thoughts of Epiphany (not family or friends) that kept me alive. Unfortunately, Epiphany is gone now. It’s a good thing I’m stable, I guess…

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  5. larainbriggs

    My dog can make my world seem somehow ‘normal’. Whatever else is going on, whatever paranoia etc. as you say my dog just empathises completely and makes life seem like the simpleist thing, no deep philosophy necessary. Sometimes I find myself wishing I was a dog. I can’t eat any meat anymore. Animals are so emotional!

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  6. notsocrazytalk

    My dog might be the most disgusting rat on the planet, but he sure does help heal. 🙂


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