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Believe me, if you stop taking your meds - even if no one is around there'll be one hell of a crash.

Believe me, if you stop taking your meds – even if no one is around there’ll be one hell of a crash.


I have read of many times when a Manic Depressive person has felt, in the grip of mania, that they had beaten their illness and didn’t need their meds anymore.  They’re cured and therefore can ‘return to their normal life’.  This won’t happen.  You never had a normal life anyway, you were always ill, you just didn’t know it.  Your normal life isn’t everyone else’s normal life.


This is a deadly thought process and you have to be particularly vigilent against it.  Abandoning your medication is like deflating your life raft whilst adrift at sea.  Seriously. Don’t do it.  I’ve been tempted but the horror stories have managed to cement my view that I wouldn’t last very long going cold turkey on 600mg/day of Seroquel.


Have you ever abandoned your meds?  Were the effects catastrophic?  Share a quick story and let’s make this point emphatically.  Save someone else the trouble of going through what you went through.


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5 comments on “#Medication #Discipline

  1. robin1967

    In 2008 I tried to go off of Abilify because I was doing so well. The result was an interrupted overdose attempt that resulted in a hospital stay…

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  2. larainbriggs

    I stopped my meds at various times, convincing my psychiatrist I really had reached that point where I was well. By the time I was around 40, when I asked can I come off my meds? The psychiatrist replied ‘Mrs Briggs, everytime you stopped your meds you became ill, do you really want to do it again?’ I that point I said no and have never done it since. It’s better to accept I need them to be well than end up being ill. Here endeth my lesson, I hope it’s what you was looking for. 😀

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  3. beccatheflower

    Reblogged this on L I F E and commented:
    Never EVER!


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