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"Is that really your hair?" "Course it is.  I'm the one who bought it."

“Is that really your hair?”
“Course it is. I’m the one who bought it.”


If I had wishes to spend – One would go towards going back in time to see Amy Winehouse play live.  Effortless talent.  Tragic loss.


Amy Winehouse was the same age as I am when she died in 2011.  Twenty seven years old.


If you’re still ‘um’ing and ‘er’ing about taking mental illness seriously and taking charge of your medication – Let this be a cautionary tale.  This was someone at the top of their game, with limitless funds.  If you think you can’t be Bipolar because you’re high-functioning – THINK AGAIN.


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One comment on “#AmyWinehouse #Bipolarhalloffame

  1. robin1967

    I agree a tragic loss


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