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@WorldBipolarDay – March 30th!

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Get your glad rags on!

Get your glad rags on!


So World Bipolar Day is on the 30th of this month, only a few days away.

I’d like to see if we can REALLY make a noise around this event.  It would be killer to see EVERYONE get on board and pump this occasion as hard as is humanly possible.  There are websites and blogs out there requesting content from people with Bipolar.  Show your support and put some legwork in with us.


All the best!

5 comments on “@WorldBipolarDay – March 30th!

  1. stockdalewolfe

    Any leads on which websites?


    • drheckleandmrjibe

      Hello again, definitely is and if I remember rightly MIGHT be doing something. I’ve got a list writtensomewhere that I’ll try and find for you later on.

      The upshot though is to google: World Bipolar Day and lend as much weight as you’ve got in you to everyone supporting it. Thats what I’ll be doing, come Sunday!

      All the best,


      • stockdalewolfe

        Thanks so much for the leads. Will do something for the 30th. Thanks again.


  2. robin1967

    I posted something to my Facebook page re: World Bipolar Day. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of response I get…


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