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Possibly swinging to a low

Inspiration eludes me.  This is how it starts

Inspiration eludes me. This is how it starts

So I’ve made a mess of about eight pages now.  My hands aren’t working, my brain isn’t working properly.  I’ve got a friend coming to visit this weekend and I’m beginning to suspect I’m swinging.  I really want to give you folks content worth looking at but I’m struggling tonight!

The only thing for it is to just be extra vigilant.  If I’m swinging to a low, better that I know it and don’t over exert myself than try to bash through it and plough forward and ending up seriously ill.

How can you guys tell when you’re in the demilitarised zone between Up and Down?  What do you do when you notice you’re in flux?  How do you take it easy on yourself?



2 comments on “Possibly swinging to a low

  1. Usually I can notice by an unusual change in my motivations or interests. Ill be lying in the bed in a low (in a low I cant enjoy anything) and I’ll start thinking about a video game or how good it would feel if I finished my homework. In a high I start feeling the swing when my productivity starts declining and I stop looking forward to leaving the house.
    It really sucks having to work around lows. I hope you’re not actually swinging, good luck!

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    • drheckleandmrjibe

      Hey, thanks for the reply.

      I think it might have been a false alarm after all. My friend came down and we had a great time. Perhaps as a little intervention the weekend’s frivolities staved off distaster. Who knows.

      Thanks for the well-wishes.
      All the best

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