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If music be the food of love, play on



I’ve read countless theories relating to Bipolar and creativity.  My own anectdotal evidence from these blogs and my personal experience from monitoring my own behaviour and creative outoput would suggest that whatever malfunction causes Bipolar probably creates a shortcut to the creative zone in our brains.  Look at all of our blogs, especially when supported by anonymity.  They’re full of (mostly questionable in my case) poetry.  Drawings.  Sophist descriptions of our experiences and what could only be described as abstract literary mood-maps.


There is a creative impulse, particularly at the apex of a manic episode.  My drawing reaches a fever pitch in the small hours of manic nights.  When I should be sleeping I’m instead scribbling away.


This creativity for me isn’t limitted to making things.  I appreciate the fruit of others’ creative labours much more readily and passionately.  Music especially leaves me in awe of its makers.  I think that music is the ultimate art-form.  Beautiful music will regularly leave me in tears.  No other artform can anchor emotions around it as well as music.


Far more than creativity, Bipolar people seem to have an emotional understanding of beauty.  Beauty for us is not a property of specific things or ideas, it is a state of mind. I believe that the creative impulse is just the most direct way of worshipping at the altar of this understanding.  Whether our antennae are more finely tuned than well balanced people, or this is a delusion that has a grip on the majority of us, it seems that Bipolar people will be overwhelmed by certain songs, poems, sights, paintings, etc.


I absolutely hurl myself into these experiences as they happen.  Usually with music I will become so enamoured by what I’m hearing that I physically ache with the joy of it.  If a song gives me the tingle I’m speaking about, I will happily fladulate myself with it for hours on repeat.  It accents my mania and leaves me in utter ecstacy.


I hope it won’t be considered a flippant deviation when I begin putting up the songs that mesmerise me on here.  In many ways it is the best journal I can keep of my manic episodes.  Worst case – you’ll hear some excelent music that you perhaps otherwise might not have.


First off:




If you feel the same way or if you disagree, If you like the song or if you didn’t, if you have a topic or cartoon you’d like to see me explore;  I want to hear from you.


All the best


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