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Bipolar & Suicide: A Death Midwife’s Call to Action


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I know I’ve taken a horrendously long break from blogging, and for that, I apologize. My health has been tremendously effected by my genetic disease, TNF Receptor Associated Periodic Syndrome, the auto-inflammatory disease first diagnosed in 2007.

Also, to be honest, the topic(s) that I feel called to blog about aren’t all that pleasant or easy. I don’t write about baking pretty cupcakes, how to knit baby socks, or the latest hilarity of my animal companions… I’m called to write about challenging things, and sometimes, I just need to step away from the keyboard. Other times, like today, I feel absolutely compelled to share thoughts, feelings, experiences, etc.

This particular arrangement of topics – Death, Bipolar Manic Depression, Suicide, and how I’ve experienced it AS a Death Midwife came crashing together into the mixing bowl of my life just a few weeks ago, and I’m realizing as I’m lead by…

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