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They don’t really see it



When depressed I’m utterly convinced that everyone can see that I am mentally ill.  I fixate on the slightest element of unusual behaviour towards me and become incredibly paranoid.  I ‘know’ that I’m less charming, less convincing and less attractive.  Everyone can see there is something wrong with me and even if they don’t know quite what it is, they keep their distance


The opposite is true in manic phases. I believe I’m infinitely more attractive, convincing and charismatic.  I ‘know’ that my posture, body language, eye contact and vocal tonality all inspire confidence in me from everyone I come into contact with.


The simple truth is – other than looking tired, the general public notice barely anything about you.  When your mind is putting out a deafening racket it is easy to forget that only you can hear it.  Keep it in mind.  Be vigilant and you’ll have one less thing to be depressed about and probably fewer people being irritated when you’re manic.


All the best


2 comments on “They don’t really see it

  1. bipolarella

    Awesome! Completely true.


    • drheckleandmrjibe

      Thanks for contributing. I’m really glad you like it. This is all pretty knew to me so I’m just throwing things out there as they occur to me.



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